Mr. Nashville Talks
by Larry Ferguson
The Queen G
by Gennifer Flowers
Southern Style
by Randall Franks

Words of Joye
by Joye Atkinson
Auke Bijlsma
Note Worthy
by C.R. Brown
Songwriting 101
with Sam Cornett
Press Play
by Darlene Smith
Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
by Donna Irwin
The Pop Culture Hub
with Johnathan Pushkar
Back Road Memories
with Ernie Robinson
get this!
by Bobby Sizemore
Rex Rated
by Rex Wood


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Show Archive:

Upcoming Guests:

15- Bettye LaVette (R&B, Rock and Blues Icon)
22- Dennis Banks(American Indian Movement, Actor, Civil Rights Leader, Wounded Knee Stand Off)
29- Waylon Payne (Singer/Songwriter, Movie Actor; Walk The Line, Identical)

6- Charlene Tilton (Actress, Lucy Ewing on Dallas)
13- Mo'Nique (Oscar winning actress, stand up comic, tv personality)
20- Bobby Bare (Architect of the Outlaw Country movement, Songwriter, Legend)
27- Angela Primm (Gospel Music, Evangelist, Producer and Businesswoman)

1- Johnathan Kayne (Fashion Designer, Reality Star; Project Runway, Project Runway Allstars)
10- Jody Miller (Pioneer of the Country Pop Female Crossover, Gospel Singer)